Instruction Manual

What is Proxilla?

First of all, Proxilla is NOT a proxy, nor is any other Firefox Extension. Proxilla is a Firefox Extension that works as a Glype Proxy Client. Proxilla facilitates and extends your usage of web based Glype Proxies.

How do I use it?

The main use of Proxilla is to make it easier for you to visit your favorite websites through Glype Proxies. There are several locations from where you can do this: the Toolbar, the Mini Form, the Statusbar Button, and Right Clicking a Link or Bookmark.


The toolbar is the horizontal box beneath the address bar. In the toolbar, you will find a textbox and a bunch of buttons. In the textbox, you can type the address of a website you would like to visit and press the “Submit” button or press the “Enter” key. This will send the website through your selected Glype Proxy.

You may notice that the “Submit” button has a little arrow indicating that it can open a menu. From this menu you can change a few options.

The first option is “Add URL to favorites on submit.” With this option checked, the sites that you submit from Proxilla to your Glype Proxies will automatically be saved to a list of “Favorites.” The sites will then be available in a drop down box beneath the textbox, making it easier for you to revisit them. The sites can be managed via the “Favorites” button on the toolbar. From there, you can add and delete URL’s that are in your favorites list.

The second option is “Activate Private Browsing on submit.” With this option checked, Proxilla will automatically activate Firefox’s “Private Browsing Mode” when you submit a site from Proxilla to your Glype Proxies. There is also a “Private Browsing” button on the Toolbar that you can press to immediately activate Private Browsing Mode.

The third option is “Target.” The options are: Same Tab, New Tab, or New Window. This is the destination of where Proxilla will open your Glype Proxy. For example, if “Same Tab” is selected, then the Glype Proxy will load in your currently selected Tab. If ” New Tab” is selected, the Glype Proxy will load into a newly created tab. By now, you can guess where the Glype Proxy will load if “New Window” is selected.

The fourth option is “Proxy.” This is just the Glype Proxy that you have selected for current use. Your Glype Proxies can be managed by pressing the “Proxies” button on the Toolbar.

Other important buttons on the Toolbar are: Settings, Backup, Reset, and Grab Proxy.

The “Settings” button will open a window where you can manage your settings, such as “Options” and “Preferences.”

The “Backup” button will open a window where you can export or import all of the settings for Proxilla. This will be helpful if you need to uninstall Proxilla and wish to save your important settings, such as your Glype Proxie and Favorites lists.

The “Reset” button will open a window where you can reset all of the settings for Proxilla. This can be helpful if you mess something up and want to set Proxilla to a factory default state.

The “Grab Proxy” button will make it easier for you to grab and test Glype Proxies that you are currently visiting. For example, if you visit “” and like it, you can press the “Grab Proxy” button and Proxilla will launch a test of that Glype Proxy to see if it is compatible with Proxilla. You can then decide if you want to add that Glype Proxy to your list.

Don’t forget that the Proxilla Toolbar is editable. This means that you can add, remove, or rearrange any items that are on the Toolbar. Just right click on the Toolbar, and click “Customize.”

Mini Form:

The Mini Form is a slimmed down version of the Toolbar. It can be access from the “Tools” Menu or by left clicking on the Proxilla Statusbar Button. This might be useful if you choose to have the Proxilla Toolbar collapsed. Press CTRL + ALT + P to launch the Mini Form.

Statusbar Button:

Left click on the Statusbar Button to open the current page via your selected Glype Proxy into the Same Tab. Right click it to show the quick settings menu.

Right Clicking a Link or Bookmark:

When focused on a Link or Bookmark and right clicking, Firefox will open a context menu. Proxilla has a menuitem in this context menu that you can left click to open the current link or bookmark into your selected Glype Proxy. Right click the menuitem and you will also see the same menu that was present in the “Submit” button on the Toolbar to allow you to quickly change some important settings.

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