Proxilla Version 0.9.0

Posted by – February 4, 2011

Proxilla Version 0.9.0 has been released. It is now available for download at the AMO website. Please try it out and let us know what you think. View screenshots here.

New Features/Updates:

  1. Proxilla now works with Firefox versions 3.5 to 4.0
  2. Easily add any Glype Proxy to Proxilla with the “Grab Proxy” button.

There is a new button on the toolbar labeled “Grab Proxy.” Just press the button while you are using a Glype proxy. You will be prompted to test the proxy to verify it is compatible with Proxilla. If you are updating Proxilla from an older version, the “Grab Proxy” button will not show up automatically. You can get it by right clicking the toolbar -> customize -> drag “Grab Proxy” button to the toolbar.

Please post any questions, comments, bugs, or requests here. Thank you.

2 Comments on Proxilla Version 0.9.0

  1. 1svelte says:

    Sorry. I’m very new to this idea…so a few questions: Proxies 1-4, I assume are functional immediately. Why would I want to change them? What does Proxilla do with the “favorites”? Not act as a proxy to them? How do I know the program is working in the background?
    I love this concept…I’m just not “up” on it. Therefore, the simple, perhaps redundant, questions.

    • admin says:

      No need to be sorry, I welcome all questions, comments, etc.
      –The proxies that come default with proxilla are functional immediately, but may eventually become blocked by your network administrator(if you have one). I did not hard code the proxies, making it possible for you to pick and choose your own glype proxy(Maybe you found a better or faster proxy, then just use it instead).
      –The favorites are websites you like to visit through the proxies.
      –Proxillla does not work in the background, you must explicitly use it by using it to launch your web based glype proxies.